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[INFOGRAPHIC] The State of Corporate Travel and Expense Management

With travel and expense being one of the largest areas of corporate spend for today’s companies – representing approximately 10% of a business’ annual budget – automated tools and approaches to reduce that spend have the potential for huge ROI. But a KDS survey of more than 1,200 respondents from the US and UK reveals that many companies continue to employ manual, outdated processes and solutions that affect employee productivity and, ultimately, impact a company’s bottom line.
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Navigating new business travel technology projects

Hollie Webb | July 17, 2017

Notes from ITM Technology Bytes workshop – London 10 July   I found it extremely insightful sitting in on...

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Person under crumpled pile of papers with hand holding a help sign

The Great Paper Debate

Amber Stauffer | June 7, 2017

Consuming information in a digital format is part of daily life. However, the debate around paper vs. digital receipts...

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Roxana Bressy

The road to traveller centricity : delight the user and the rest will follow

Roxana Bressy | May 19, 2017

Business Travel.IQ – 2017, May 17 – Why plug in a minor improvement when technology allows you to rethink...

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Executive Checklist to Digitally Transform Travel & Expense

Isabel Holdaway | April 19, 2017

Digital transformation is a powerful concept that, shaped by technology advancements, can drive real business evolution and value across...

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