Corporate travel software

Corporate Travel Software is an example of a Business Travel Solution that makes available online, controls and administers processes related to business travel.

Corporate Travel Software helps organizations better achieve their travel policy goals such as cost control, employee safety, employee time efficiency, value for money, and policy compliance. These improvements in Business Travel Management arise because the processes related to trip booking (and sometimes Travel Expense Management) are placed within a controllable, administrable software environment. Employees using corporate travel software to research and book their business trip are monitored and controlled throughout the process to make sure that they are respecting the company travel policy, obtaining the correct level of authorization and are otherwise guided in their business travel behaviors according to the strategy laid out in the policy. Travel managers have access to comprehensive reporting, enabling them to target non-compliance and effect policy enhancements.

Because of the need to link to myriad travel vendors and Travel Management Companies, Corporate Travel Software is hosted by the software vendor and sold on a Software As A Service model, configured to the client’s requirements.