Neo Expense: Time to love doing expenses!

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No More Spreadsheets

Almost every business trip ends in a claim for re-imbursement. People spend their valuable time, sometimes as much as one afternoon per month “doing their expenses”.

Even though technology has advanced, from paper to excel to online systems and even to mobile, the user experience has remained the same; slow, inaccurate and prone to error. We fill out forms, building grids of data to send to accounting.

Next Generation Expense

KDS Neo Expense replaces the familiar spreadsheet style of expense claim with a system of icons overlaid on a calendar so that expenses can be seen in the context of your business meetings and trip itineraries.

Cash receipts, photographed using your smartphone camera, are analyzed using an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) process.

The “Auto-Expense” function reconciles your credit card statement with your receipts and data coming from your trip bookings, in order to build your expense claim for you in a few seconds.

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Benefits for Users

• Save time, a full report in seconds
• Interact, don’t fill in forms
• Graphical calendar presentation
• See the “story” of your report
• Make fewer mistakes
• Easily check for missing data

Benefits for Supervisors and Accountants

• Approve the business context
• Check the expenses “make sense”
• Fewer user mistakes = shorter time to pay
• Check vacation claiming

Benefits for CFOs

• Employee satisfaction
• Greater levels of staff productivity
• Easily identify fraud
• Cleaner and more accurate data