KDS Neo represents the most significant innovation in travel booking in the last ten years. It’s a giant step toward a world where travel booking is so simple that it isn't even considered to be a significant activity by the travellers themselves.


KDS Neo is a door-to-door travel booking solution to ease the life of corporate travellers. It delivers complete, bookable, door-to-door itineraries and also predicts related expenses. Thousands of routes and options are analysed, based on search criteria, company policy and users preferences. The user fills out the simplest possible form and a graphical timeline and preliminary expense report are displayed in seconds.


KDS Neo    Door-to-door and more


Optimised For Your Devices

Optimised for web, tablets and phones, users interact with their itineraries. Tapping and swiping to access driving maps, flight numbers, hotel pictures or even a street view of the final destination. The user experience is just incredible. Neo is unlike any corporate booking tool you’ve ever seen. It is a complete revolution in what is possible for travellers and company managers.

Each search returns at least 4 complete but editable door-to-door proposals:

  • Recommended - best balance of cost, time, policy, convenience and preference
  • Cheap – The cheapest reasonable itinerary
  • Quick – when time is money, the fastest way to get to your meeting
  • Green – when keeping carbon cost low is important.


Instant, Flexible Results

From the results page, users can access flight, rail, hotel and ground transport alternatives. Trips can be fine-tuned while keeping a consistent door-to-door timeline. The time to search and book an entire business trip is now measured in seconds.


The Benefits of KDS Neo

Enhanced Decision Maker Control

  • KDS Neo estimates all related expenses for pre-trip approval
  • Total cost of trip view prior to booking
  • Increased budgetary control
  • Easily identify the trips that are too expensive V’s business value

Unparalleled User Experience

  • Complete a trip booking in seconds
  • No long lists, just trip solutions
  • Available on any device
  • Complete flexibility of choice
  • Expenses approved before departure
  • Total time & total cost on one page


The Solution Travel Managers Have Been Waiting For

KDS Neo offers new perspectives and new opportunities for travel managers.

  • Trip Savings - Neo hunts and returns the cheapest overall combination of options
  • Travel Avoidance - Saving 1 in 20 trips leads to a 5% decrease in your total spend
  • Policy Alignment - To reflect the choices & trade-offs travellers have to make. Balancing cost, convenience, duty of care & carbon cost
  • Increased User Satisfaction - Neo will drive up adoption and compliance because your users will love using it
  • Arranger Redeployment - As Neo can now do the same intelligent itinerary building as a skilled travel arranger, your remaining human arrangers can focus on high value-add trips with special requests.


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Reach Out and Touch Your Trip

The user doesn’t need to think or guess with Neo. They just say what they know – when and where is the meeting. The graphical timeline then allows them to see at a glance that their trip works. They can interact with and manipulate their itineraries, route maps and expense reports, refining their trip, while staying within your policies.



KDS Neo: An Industry Redefining Innovation

  • Full door-to-door trip proposals
  • Zero effort expense
  • See total time and total cost
  • Bookable services and predicted expense
  • Interactive graphical timeline
  • Sophisticated algorithm balancing business need, company policy and personal preferences


KDS Neo Enhancements

Voice Search:

Voice search really is the ultimate in simplicity and usability.

It's like having an arranger, or a travel agent in the pocket of every traveller.

Simply speak to Neo... and get a complete door-to-door trip with even less effort than ever before!

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Tube, Metro, Subway - Whatever You Call it, Neo has it

While self-drive, taxi and hire cars are often used in the first or last mile of a trip, it can often inflate the total cost of the trip – many business trips occur in cities where the public transport infrastructure makes more sense from both a cost and time perspective.

With public transportation content in more than 50 countries worldwide, KDS Neo can even tell you exactly which bus you need to take to get to your meeting, which number bus route, what time that bus will arrive and depart and which stop to get on and off at, all of this and estimated journey times too. 

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'Complete choice' allows users to easily and quickly adjust components within their proposed door-to-door trip.

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Outlook Integration

Often, the need for a business trip doesn't start in an online booking tool, it starts in your calendar.

With Neo's new Outlook integration the meeting invitation, which contains the meeting details (Who you are meeting, when, where and for how long), can immediately initiate a Neo search.

You press one button and 10 seconds later you will have a complete door-to-door trip to get you to and from your meeting.

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