Tips to align travel and expense technology with your digital transformation strategy

IT needs to be able to vet digital solutions for security, integration and usability. This applies to any systems that plug into your company’s architecture, including travel and expense (T&E) solutions.

When a company’s T&E solution is not aligned with its overall digital transformation strategy this can lead to the loss of opportunities for cost savings on one of the biggest areas of spend.

Negotiated rates for travel are not used, travelers spend too much time on expense reimbursement, and employee find it harder to adhere to corporate travel guidelines.

To avoid this, ensure purchasing decisions on T&E technology not only go through business leadership, but also through the IT department.

Getting clear and specific guidelines to ensure that T&E solutions align with the overall digital transformation strategy will make the implementation of modern systems a success.

The four questions every IT director should ask when assessing corporate travel and expense implementations are explored in our new guide: “Tips to Align Corporate Travel and Expense Technology with Your Digital Transformation Strategy” Download it now!

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