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Because #BusinessTravel: Because Your Meeting is Downtown, Not at JFK Airport

Because #BusinessTravel: Because Your Meeting is Downtown, Not at JFK Airport

Business travel isn’t like leisure travel. There’s a whole different set of policies, processes, requirements and more that go into it. “Because #BusinessTravel” is a four-part series that talks about the unique nature of business travel and how the Neo travel booking tool supports business needs.  You don’t start your business travel at your local airport, and when you land you still haven’t arrived. The flight may be one of the more expensive components of your trip, but that doesn’t mean
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man toothbrush phone

MidWeekPoll #1: Smartphone or Toothbrush?

Marie Ligier | July 18, 2018

We’re launching our first #MidWeekPoll with this crucial question: if you had to choose between your toothbrush or your...

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Content is key

Marie Ligier | April 6, 2018

Business travel. Two words, two worlds. If travel is all about content choice, business is all about integration. Breaking...

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Trends in Travel: A Behind-the-Scenes Look with the Industry’s Experts

Julie Claeys | February 9, 2018

From executives to sales, business travel continues to be an important element of many of today’s job roles. In...

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Videos – Interviews with travel’s top leaders from backstage at the Skift Global Forum

Isabel Holdaway | December 11, 2017

KDS was proud to sponsor this year’s Skift Global Forum in New York back in September. The event brings...

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