Case study

Deloitte Facilitates Management of its Travel, Reduces its Costs and Controls its Carbon Emissions with KDS

October 19, 2015

Business Travel at the Core of the Service


A specialist in audits and professional services, Deloitte has 6,300 associates in France serving all types of companies, both public and private. In addition to its Paris/Neuilly head office, Deloitte has offices in Lyon, Marseille, Lille, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Tours, Nantes, Grenoble and Toulouse. In Extenso, Deloitte’s legal and company administration arm, has 165 offices in France.

Travel is a necessity for Deloitte’s partners and associates. Before installing KDS, the company had a Carlson Wagonlit Travel in-house travel agency and a platform-type organisation (Business Travel Centres) for its provincial offices. Travel requests were submitted via electronic form.

“We realised that many people preferred to call or send an e-mail to the in-house agency,” explains Dominique Delattre, Purchasing Department Manager with Deloitte. “Once we established that the form system was not working, we turned to the tools available on the market in search of a solution capable of making all these processes easier.”

Objective: simplify booking processes and reduce costs.

On account of extremely variable schedules, most tickets were booked by the agency on a flexible basis and therefore at a relatively high cost. We needed to install a self-service system, making travellers accountable and giving them the option to choose a flexible tariff according to the reliability level of their schedule. In addition, the goal of setting up a service providing automatic processing of bookings (online) and limiting manual processing (offline) was to achieve a substantial reduction in agency costs.

A call for tender seeking supply of a turnkey online solution.

“For the call for tender, we invited the various agencies, including Carlson Wagonlit, to propose an online solution and manage its implementation.”

One essential requirement: online help.

To convince associates to use the tool, it was essential for them to be guided through their first booking. Training each user individually was not an option. Very quickly online help stood out as an essential criterion in the choice of a solution.