Case study

SFR optimises travel management costs with KDS

October 19, 2015

French telecom company SFR selected the KDS Corporate solution to manage employees’ business travel and expenses. Used by 7,000 employees, the Travel and Expense (T&E) management solution implemented by SFR has achieved an adoption rate of 95% and contributed to significant cost reductions.

As a global operator, SFR is present in every market from service to the general public to corporate, professional clients, and other operators. SFR considers its travel policy compliance as the main element of cost control. “In order to reinforce control and optimisation of travel and expense costs, we decided in 2006 to implement the KDS Corporate solution, which was able to manage both online travel booking and expense claims”, explained Michel Filipe, head of the Purchasing and Procurement Department at SFR

That choice was guided by the technical reliability of the solution, the sustainability of the editor and the Software-as-a-Service model as well. The solution is hosted by the provider, so we won’t have to deal with any problems regarding availability or updates,” added Michel Filipe.This solution can be used by all employees to book travel and submit expense claims, and also by managers to approve travel and expenses or simply keep them informed even if approval is not required.

More fluidity in the travel management processes.

SFR also chose KDS Corporate because of its ability to interface with their existing TMC and accounting system. “KDS allows us to import our HR database in order to use an approval workflow that fits with our policy, and attributes business travel expenses to travellers ’departmental cost centers.

A more respected travel policy

Thanks to KDS Corporate, SFR was able to automatically download and apply new policies for all employees. “The system was particularly easy to implement and to use. Employees quickly adapted to using the solution to book their business travel,” noted Michel Filipe. “With a few clicks, they book their trip, from transportation to the hotel reservation, at the best price and with respect to the company travel policy.” Through working with the largest listings of rail travel and traditional or low-costs airlines, KDS Corporate presents users with a large range of choices. “To help them to deal with the travel policy, KDS was configured to highlight less expensive alternatives in a specific color. Within 6 months, SFR saw an adoption rate of 60%, resulting in a 10% reduction in travel costs and a 50% overall reduction in transactional expenses right from year 1” said Filipe. “The new system resulted in financial savings right from the very first year. But that wasn’t all: it also improved working conditions for our employees, as it gave them more freedom, improved administrative treatment and offered a greater choice of service providers. Above all, it resulted in an improved sense of responsibility, by increasing understanding of the costs involved and respect for the company travel policy.”

An optimised expense management system

In 2009, SFR decided to activate the KDS Expense module for all employees. The unified travel and expense solution allowed a quick and seamless deployment which took only three months, and was so easy to use that no training was necessary. To get to the expenses module, staff simply had to log in to the KDS Corporate program. Little by little, this created a virtuous circle, and more and more employees started to use KDS Corporate when making their travel arrangements. “The adoption rate at SFR is now 95%, with over 7,000 employees using the KDS travel and expense program” declared Michel Filipe.

Powerful and flexible reporting tools

In addition, the unified KDS solution has enabled the Purchasing Department to optimise negotiations with suppliers, as they now have a better overview of employees’ purchases, expenses and needs. Staff with responsibility for sustainable development has also found the solution very useful for analysing the company’s carbon footprint, as KDS Corporate provides carbon emission data for every business trip undertaken by company employees.