Case study

TechnipFMC: visibility, flexibility and safety of business trips

November 15, 2018


Specialist engineering company TechnipFMC supports its clients in developing oil and gas projects. This means that its employees have to work in very different operating environments in many countries, some of which pose particular risks – natural, climatic and political among others.

The personnel to be sent out depends on the phase of the project (scoping, development, construction, transportation to the sphere of operations and, finally, on-site installation).

The company therefore needs processes that are aligned to the particular nature of its work.

“We are currently installing the largest floating facility ever built, located offshore Australia. The weather is an important variable we need to take into account: we have to be extremely responsive in order to mobilise our staff overnight and to organise their transport quickly and simply. To achieve this, the tools we use for travel booking and expense management must be perfectly aligned with the very specific demands of our business,” emphasises Claude Lelièvre, Region Travel Management Development EMIA

3 500 travellers

> 20 000 trips each year

“Thanks to KDS Neo, with its completely integrated and digitised process, the benefits were immediate and spectacular.”

Claude Lelièvre
Region Travel Management Development EMIA TechnipFMC

Our nine-person Travel & Expense team manages all our business travel activities: travel, expense, invoicing and mobilisation support (managing mobilisation and demobilisation, greeting clients and partners and organising their work permits, visas, etc.). We work on international projects that require the mobilisation of different types and volumes of travellers depending on what phase of  the project we have reached.

We’re talking about 20,000 to 25,000 journeys a year made by around 3,500 travellers. A considerable proportion of our bookings are subsequently modified and most are made at short notice, so we were looking for a tool that would be flexible, responsive and really easy to use, as trips are often organised by project assistants who want a simple, comprehensive tool”


As the tool developed internally to manage business travel booking and expenses was no longer up to the job, requiring numerous manual processes, TechnipFMC was looking for a solution that would guarantee visibility of business travel and associated costs, offer business travellers a broader, digital offering, and drastically reduce the timeframe for expense claims. It was also essential for the chosen solution to be compatible with the company’s safety and security policy.

In 2014, TechnipFMC turned to KDS Neo, reassured by the robustness of the solution and its ability to satisfy all its requirements.


Perfectly adapted to the company’s travel policy, KDS Neo offers TechnipFMC access to public rates as well as to corporate rates, to low-cost airlines…, and reduces the need for personal spend by travellers thanks to the integration of a lodged card within the system.

Furthermore, any hotel reservation made outside the platform will only be reimbursed if the request has been approved. This also leads to a higher hotel attach rate with KDS Neo. In this way the platform allows total traceability of expenses and guarantees global visibility.

“By creating an end-to-end process, we have been able to give our users greater visibility and transparency of a number of different elements. Whereas traditional business travel tools offer visibility simply of the ticket and the invoice, KDS Neo offers real traceability. The solution is interactive, comprehensive and provides a broad offering. The market is becoming increasingly complex and we’re always trying to save time. Digitisation is a way of offsetting this complexity, and of maintaining control over this aspect of our business.”

Thanks to KDS Neo, expense handling has also been radically simplified. Thanks to a full paperless process, it can now be carried out in just two days, whereas before, the approval of hard-copy receipts in the internal system created numerous bottlenecks. KDS Neo also manages the payment of expense claims each month.

“The aim was to significantly improve the time taken to process expenses and per diems. Thanks to KDS Neo, with its completely integrated and digitised process, the benefits were immediate and spectacular. The introduction of the lodged card and almost immediate reimbursement of expenses have meant that we have been able to do away with cash advances, making things much easier for our teams. And we no longer have to deal with issues regarding currency and exchange rates.” Lelièvre adds.


TechnipFMC puts the safety and security of its staff at the heart of its organisational culture. Working across different operational fields, the company must manage workflows that take into account 4 levels of risk (low, moderate, high, extreme). Using finely tuned parameters, KDS Neo allows them to identify hotels authorised for different levels of risk.

The mandatory use of a booking tool facilitates the traceability of staff and means that they can be located immediately. TechnipFMC also uses a data feed from KDS Neo to provide information on all its travellers to International SOS.

KDS Neo can take care of data security and ensures total conformity with PCI DSS, SOX, CNIL (the French data protection authority) and GDPR regulations, as the tool has been designed in accordance with and certified as conforming to these regulations.

“We have developed booklets on safety procedures in a wide range of countries, and we have integrated a specific form on KDS Neo through which the traveller can provide complementary profile information at the point of confirmation of the reservation. That is the latest of many features we have put in place. Leveraging a managed workflow makes this easier. Google Maps and the ability to use precise addresses and not just IATA codes further reinforces our safety rules,”