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Case study

Vallourec funnels travel and expense processes through KDS Neo

September 11, 2018

Vallourec is the world leader in premium tubular solutions, serving major energy markets like oil and gas. With over 19,000 employees and locations in more than 20 countries, Vallourec needed a business travel management solution that manages their travel budget effectively, ensures policies are respected across the enterprise and produces significant time and travel savings.

Xavier Siquot, Corporate Services Lead Buyer at Vallourec reveals in this quick video the many benefits of KDS Neo and how it:

Empowers travelling employees

Provides significant time savings

Manages the end-to-end process of business travel

See firsthand how KDS Neo helped Vallourec streamline their travel and expense process and became quickly adopted by their employees.

KDS Neo is helping Vallourec, a tubular solutions company, streamline their T&E

KDS Neo works as a genuine budget management tool. It allows us to carefully manage our market shares with our main business partners (airlines, train operators, car hire companies). KDS Neo helps us to ensure that our travel policy is followed within the company, and it plays a role in helping travellers to take more responsibility: this is what we call “visual guilt”. It’s very efficient. KDS Neo saves us a significant amount of time. Our travellers book complete ‘door to door’ trips, and travel arrangers are able to book by segment: hotel, flight, car hire and train. Lastly, KDS Neo offers a comprehensive range of content.”

“It is the ideal solution for managing our monitoring and profitability issues across all our branches. KDS Neo helps us to create an increasingly complete value chain, since we can now incorporate the expenses component, KDS Neo Expense, into the service.”

“What we’re seeing today is that a relatively high (and in some cases very high) number of our colleagues are adopting KDS Neo in every country where it is available. We hope to guide the Group as a whole towards standardised, consistent business travel while still meeting the needs of every traveller and trying to personalise their experience as much as possible. Our next goal is to integrate KDS Neo in the United States – the project is currently being deployed.”