A Content Hub for      richer  travel options

Travel content suppliers (air, rail, ground transport, hotel, parking and more) can now make their content available right in the bookable door-to-door KDS Neo timeline, providing companies and business travellers richer, more complete travel content to choose from a single platform.

For corporates this means a growing and diverse set of suppliers can be managed to reduce costs and improve user experience.

For content suppliers this means fast access to a growing pool of business travellers, right at the time of trip planning and booking.

Door to door multi modal trip booking needs a constantly growing pool of travel content suppliers to meet the growing needs of business travellers.  

Ready to join the Hub?

Richer travel content must be added in a fast and scalable way to maximize the business value you get from deploying KDS Neo and keep up with the demands of our business travellers. Do you use a content supplier not yet displayed in the KDS Neo timeline?

Ask for them to be added to the Hub!

Discover some of the content suppliers already on the KDS Content Hub and book them as part of your next KDS Neo trip – all as part of the door-to-door timeline, in seconds.



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