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KDS publishes a case study on the Leoni implementation of KDS NEO

September 30, 2014

PARIS  September 30th 2014 – The French subsidiary of the German parent company has already seen a 25% drop in air spend due to KDS’ door-to-door travel solution.

KDS, the travel management and expenses solution provider, today publishes a case study of the implementation of the KDS Neo online door-to-door travel management tool.

Leoni, a German cabling company, describes the evolution of their travel management starting from a manual booking system, then moving to an online booking tool, and finally to “door-to-door”.

“We implemented three modules: a “first trip” module which allows users to organize a trip, then reserve and issue tickets; a second module to submit expenses; and a third billing module through which I can reimburse my colleagues and pay my suppliers”, said Mr. Magnier, Leoni’s Purchasing and Cost Optimization Director for France.

The case study is laid out in detail on the KDS website, with particular focus on how the change was communicated and managed across Leoni’s stakeholder teams to achieve universal buy-in.

Four months after the initial deployment, at the end of January 2014, Mr. Magnier had achieved a high adoption rate. This resulted in a 25% decrease in air spend, largely because the tool uses “visual guilt” techniques to encourage travelers to optimize their itinerary.

The study also highlights other gains such as the time saved by end users, and the reduction in trips made because of the upfront display of the total cost of each trip researched.

KDS Neo allows travelers to enter only the most basic of information about their trip – where they need to be, at what time – then lets them reserve every element of their trip in one click, including flight, hotel, and taxi. KDS Neo integrates estimates for expenses such as meals and taxis, presenting users with the total cost of their trip before booking: managers can approve the trip’s total cost upfront, thereby avoiding unexpected claims. The integrated expense solution then pre-populates the expense report, saving time and preventing errors.

“We are delighted that this early case study vindicates so clearly Leoni’s decision to implement KDS NEO. Leoni has overseen a rapid change from telephone booking to booking via on online tool, which is in itself a radical development. Then as the organization has moved from the self-booking tool to door-to-door management, introducing the concept of “total cost”, the benefits have been obvious and immediate,” says Stanislas Berteloot, KDS Marketing Director.

The case study is available at :page.kds.com/rs/kds/images/success-story-leoni-travel-and-expense-management-solution-implementation.pdf