Because #BusinessTravel: Because Your Meeting is Downtown, Not at JFK Airport

Marie Ligier | October 3, 2017

Business travel isn’t like leisure travel. There’s a whole different set of policies, processes, requirements and more that go into it. “Because #BusinessTravel” is a four-part series that talks about the unique nature of business travel and how the KDS Neo travel booking tool supports business needs. 

You don’t start your business travel at your local airport, and when you land you still haven’t arrived. The flight may be one of the more expensive components of your trip, but that doesn’t mean the booking process should revolve around it.

Let’s be honest, for a booking tool to be all about YOU, it needs to think about your trips a little differently. It needs to start where you start (home), get you to your destination (the meeting, not the airport), and then get you home again. KDS Neo has re-imagined the business travel booking process.

Sure, you can just book your flight from London to New York. And yes, you can find and book a hotel. You can still search based on airport codes if you want to, but you can also use specific addresses – it  helps making convenient hotel and ground transport choices easier. And speaking of hotels, if you’re the type that needs a morning meal to fuel your day, KDS Neo can even display breakfast information if the hotel makes it available. Because when it comes right down to it, business travel isn’t about the transportation and accommodations, it’s about the traveller.

Try KDS Neo for yourself and see first-hand how it gets you to exactly where you need to be.

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