Executive Checklist to Digitally Transform Travel & Expense

Isabel Holdaway | April 19, 2017

Digital transformation is a powerful concept that, shaped by technology advancements, can drive real business evolution and value across the business. True transformation is not achieved by simply automating existing processes.  You need to purposefully use the technologies available in a way that changes how things are done in order to achieve more valuable results.

With business travel costs on the rise, and tech-savvy business travellers becoming more demanding, it’s never been more important for businesses to look at how they can re-imagine their systems and processes to ensure they maintain control over spend and keep their travellers using approved channels.

But where do you start?  Here are some tips to help you focus your T&E digital transformation.

Unify travel and expense on a single platform

with one code base, making data and workflows efficient, improving visibility of spend and simplifying reconciliation.

Ensure all players are on the same team

Finance, procurement and travel managers should all be on the same page and working toward the same goals and objectives.

Automate and evolve the process

Advance your T&E practices so that it is more efficient and intuitive for all users, and delivers the flexibility they need, without being tied to their desk.

Define an adoption strategy

Establish a clear plan to promote adoption and set targets to meet along the way. Adoption of your T&E solution is the most important element of success – without adoption there is no corporate value.

Capture data

Collect and analyze data for better insight into traveller behavior and to help with forecasting and planning.


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