It’s not about the clicks, it’s about emotion

Bertrand Blais | April 16, 2019

How many clicks are too many for users to get what they need from an application? Experts in the field of UX design say that it actually doesn’t matter, as long as there is a positive emotional experience at the end. Think Candy Crush.

That’s why we are always on a quest to find out what makes our customers happy. Our research shows they want more control over booking and expense processes and something very simple. Like Candy Crush simple. We’ve also reached out to finance teams to find out what would make their lives better. The top functionalities on the finance wish list are automated expense report creation and pre-filled expense reports from trip data. Again, more simplicity.

We’ve listened, and in our latest batch of product enhancements, we are laser focused on delivering simplicity for both travellers and admin staff. Users expect more consumer-like features. These are increasingly powered by savvy algorithms and forms of AI like Machine Learning. These advanced technologies in KDS Neo provide better experiences, but only in terms of what businesses need, not just gadgets for the sake of gadgets. Here are some of the significant updates from our latest product release that will certainly make our users happy:

Making it more consumer like… 

  • Broader transport shopping display – Our powerful algorithms select the best transport option based on a user’s profile, but often users want to see more. The new KDS Neo shopping flow gives the best of both, choosing the best for the traveller, while showing a full list of alternatives on the same screen. Users now have a faster path to a comparative shopping experience, and this will continue to improve with more content on amenities and fares in future updates.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) powered by machine learning – For our new OCR to recognize all KDS Neo supported languages, 400,000 receipts from 65 countries were used to feed the machine learning process. And this is only the beginning. As the system continues to “learn,” it will be able to recognise new types of helpful information for expense claims. It could also be used long term to compare the OCR data with manual changes made by the user to identify errors or fraud.
  • Better cross-device experiences – OCR is now available on desktop as well as mobile. We’ve also enhanced our mobile work flows for both booking and expense reporting. It’s better for the users and travel managers as better mobile usage helps drive adoption.
  • Touch and Face ID – If you use this function for other apps, typing in a username and password seems so 2013.

…while also taking care of business.

  • Continued improvement on multi-leg mileage expense claims – Last quarter, we introduced the possibility for users to add multiple legs to a single car-trip expense line. Now they can also save a “favourite itinerary” to quickly claim a car trip that they take frequently. With 87% of our users flagging mileage as “favourite,” this feature will save considerable time on expense reports for road warriors.
  • Unique to KDS NeoMultiple taxi bookings – KDS Neo users can now add several taxi rides to a trip in the booking tool – not just transfers to and from the airport. Busy business travellers can also give taxi providers their flight number and arrival/departure terminal information, directly in the tool. They’ll spend less time hailing last-minute taxis and worrying about having cash on hand, and more time taking care of business.
  • Premium seat availability for loyalty card holders – For our US customers, this feature is especially important. Now our frequent flyer card holders can book seats with preferential pricing for airlines operating in the US.

As part of the GBT family, KDS Neo needs to meet the needs of users in more and more geographies. Part of this plan is to deepen our investigation on what makes users happy through usage analytics and customer feedback. Through our development, we’re not just counting clicks, but ensuring that travellers and business leaders always have a positive emotional response to their KDS Neo session, like getting to the next level on Candy Crush.