Neo Mobile App: complete, end-to-end travel and expense experience on the go

Bertrand Blais | January 9, 2020

Anything you can do on Neo desktop experience can now be done on mobile from booking travel to claiming back expenses.

Every quarter brings a new set of enhancements to Neo and the last quarter of 2019 saw great new features for the Neo mobile app. Users can now manage the entire travel booking and expense report process directly from the Neo mobile app – including claiming back expenses. The Neo teams have finalized the work on parity between the Neo desktop and mobile app. This will only get better in future releases as the end-to-end experience gets even easier, more intuitive for the user.

Keeping up with the technology trends

Today, we expect the same flexibility and ease of use between desktop and mobile apps in our corporate tools much like the consumer digital services we use. We can see this trend coming out of Asia where 61% of Chinese consumers access the internet only via their smartphone, rising to 76% in India and 81% in Indonesia1. While European consumers still switch between different devices (tablets, PCs, etc.), technologists expect the rest of the world to follow the trends coming from Asia, and mobile apps need to keep pace. That’s why we have focused on the Neo mobile app and offer users a comprehensive mobile experience for both travel and expense management that mirrors what they can do on desktop. In addition to adding more features and functions, we designed the Neo mobile app for effortless navigation, flexibility and speed.

No more toggling from Mobile to Desktop

Previous releases of Neo improved the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) by adding Artificial Intelligence to learn from thousands of receipts scanned every day. Now, in addition to simply creating individual expense lines, the app also allows users to create and submit a full report with multiple expense lines directly via mobile. Company-defined business rules such as consistency rules, expense policy and expense coding, are applied to an expense line as soon as the receipt is captured on the mobile app. Users don’t need to wait to be back at the office to submit their expenses, they can do it from their mobile, no matter where they are.

Other recent enhancements to the Neo mobile app include:

  • Single Sign On (SSO), a strong and practical authentication service to make it easier to access and use the app
  • Simplified travel booking and faster data input for expenses
  • Streamlined flows for booking a trip and creating expense reports
  • New filters to speed up search time
  • Automatic import and reconciliation of credit card data
  • Automatic reconciliation of expense reports with receipts

[1] Source: Statista study: Digital Economy Compass 2019, “Comscore”