[Webinar] Survey Says: It’s Time to Upgrade Travel and Expense Management

Marie Ligier | August 31, 2016


Managing travel and expenses isn’t easy – or inexpensive. It’s one of the largest areas of corporate spend today, representing approximately 10% of a business’ annual budget. Then there are the hidden costs – research from GBTA indicates that, on average, companies spend half a million dollars and nearly 3,000 hours correcting errors in expense claims each year. That’s a lot of time and money that could be applied to more strategic initiatives.

We recently ran a webinar “Survey Says: It’s Time to Upgrade Travel and Expense Management,” that took a look into recent survey data to provide insight into the state of T&E at companies like yours. We explored what’s working, what’s not, what keeps your peers up at night – and what’s new. View the webinar today and discover how you can make T&E better, smarter and faster.

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