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Support Services

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A knowledge base with more than 700 articles

“With the Neo knowledge base I get an immediate response and resolution to my issues or queries. Not only is the customer experience as slick as you would expect from Neo, but I can now share and increase my knowledge.”

Peter B. – Mobility Manager

Teams dedicated to handling and resolving client requests by phone

“The phone support team are helpful, proactive and professional. I now get the answers that I’m looking for quickly and with very little effort on my part.”
Armand P., Travel Manager.

Neo phone support will save you time and energy, meaning you can get an answer to your queries quickly and simply. Highly technical cases will be escalated to our experts and cases can be followed up by phone and on the Neo iKare platform.

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If you use Neo your business travel booking or to submit expense claims, the support process is described on your homepage or on the contact page of your user interface. This is also where you can find the phone number of the person you need to contact.
Most of the time, you will need to contact your travel agency, but some companies may also have someone internally who manages after support queries.
If you are a Neo administrator, please log a support ticket via the iKare system.

In case of doubt, our support team is reachable at 0 911 331 5000


Support offers Standard Executive
Standard customer support via website
Phone assistance and case tracking in the tool
Management of your application by an experienced Neo administrator

Neo customer focus and commitment statistics

SLA compliance

of satisfied or highly satisfied customers

Neo platform availability

How we measure…


  • Each customer request is logged and tracked. When an issue is identified, depending on its severity, we commit to resolving it within certain timelines.
  • We closely monitor our compliance with these timelines on a monthly basis. If we haven’t met our commitment, we run for an analysis for each case and take actions to drive improvement.


  • Each case closed triggers an email to the requestor with a few questions.
  • We ask : What is your overall satisfaction with the management of this support case?
  • We measure overall satisfaction on a monthly basis and read every positive or negative feedback (yes we do!) to take action and deliver a better experience.
  • Each customer support team member is incentivised on customer satisfaction.


  • We track percentage of uptime of our platform including scheduled maintenance.
  • This is measured by external provider internetvista.com.
  • Every 5 minutes, it checks our platform.
  • The test is done from 6 different location across the world : Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United States.