Travel management

Travel management is the discipline of controlling the costs and risks that arise from business travel. It is also known as business travel management or corporate travel management.

Large organizations incur substantial costs resulting from business travel. The travel management function has evolved in response to these costs and the opportunities to be smarter about managing fees and rates offered by corporate travel software and other business travel solutions. Many aspects of travel management, such as helping travelers book trips and associated services, are outsourced to travel management companies (TMCs), who provide online services using online booking tools and offline services using telephone agents. The travel management function typically has responsibility for:

  • Procuring and managing the services of external solution providers (e.g.,corporate travel software vendors and TMCs)
  • Defining and overseeing the implementation of the organization’s travel policy
  • Negotiating discounted rates with preferred travel suppliers (e.g. airlines, hotels, car rental)
  • Managing corporate credit card programs
  • Ensuring the safety of travelers, sometimes known as Duty of Care.

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