KDS Neo : business travel booking, simplified

KDS Neo is the corporate travel booking solution that eases business travelers’ lives. Neo combines the functionality of a traditional business travel online booking tool with a more modern approach of searching all parts of your trip logically within a single site. A business traveler, or travel arranger can search and book just one part of their trip (flight/train, hotel, car) or plan and book the entire end to end journey. Neo’s smart engine does the hard work, looking at all available options to give recommendations that meet the business traveler’s requirements, the business priorities and ensures they stay effortlessly within the company travel policy.

Neo offers unparalleled content bringing together both web and corporate fares, provides rich detail on options and ancillary services and extends traditional content through integrated content from travel suppliers like Booking.com. It is the only tool that provides fully integrated bookable ground transportation, aligned with policy, giving travel managers better control over this spend.

The mobile app gives the traveler full Neo functionality whilst they’re on the move and gives managers the ability to approve travel quickly and easily with full visibility into total cost of trip requested.

KDS creates software that users love, believing that user experience is key to maximizing return on investment and increasing companies control on T&E spend.

KDS Neo business travel booking demo

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Used together travelers can book trips and manage expenses on the same platform for a seamless user experience that helps to reduce traveller friction. Discover more about expense management with KDS Neo.