[On Demand Webinar] Five reasons to unify your Travel and Expense management technology

When you travel for business you inevitably incur expenses that need to be reclaimed. It’s an integral part of business travel. But often, these processes are managed completely independent of each other. Considering expenses as part of the overall process of business travel can help to improve both traveller satisfaction and also benefit the company by improving processes, compliance and productivity.

2018 saw lots of change and consolidation across the business travel industry. This will drive new opportunities and innovation but can also create uncertainty. Perhaps 2019 is the time to review what tools and policies will best serve the changing habits and expectations of your business travellers, whilst helping to more effectively manage costs and give the business the visibility and control it needs to make good decisions.

Discover this KDS’ webinar to help you navigate this review process and help you to understand the benefits of a unified approach to travel and expense management.
In this session you will learn:

  • What true unified Travel and Expense really is
  • How a single platform can help improve adoption and policy compliance
  • How you can improve cost control and travel spend visibility with a unified end to end approach

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